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Longtime Allenmore patient celebrates 100th birthday

Posted on Sep. 15, 2015 ( comments)
Joe Cusato 100

Joe Cusato, 100, has no secrets to longevity, but he's happy he made it this far.

"I must have done something right," Cusato said.

The longtime Allenmore patient and lifelong Tacoma resident was honored by doctors, nurses and staff at Tacoma Central Family Medicine on Monday.

Cusato turned 100 on August 12. His doctor, Clyde Addison, MD, said he likes to honor any patient who reaches 100, and was especially happy to host a party for Cusato, who he said is an easygoing, affable guy.

"Joe's a great guy, an all around great guy," Dr. Addison said. "He's one of my favorite patients."

Likewise, Cusato respects Dr. Addison and likes having him as his doctor.

"I've had many doctors in my lifetime," Cusato said. "Ask him a question and he'll give you a good answer. He's taken care of me."

Cusato drove himself to the hospital for the occasion. You’d never guess he's 100.

He's outlived three of his four sons. His wife Berna passed away earlier this year. He's most proud of their 49-year marriage, and wishes she could have made it to see him reach 100.

"We had a great life together," he said.

Cusato says he just takes life one day after another.

"I never thought I'd make it," he said. "I surprised myself."

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