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The HPV vaccine is for boys, too

Posted on Jun. 13, 2019 ( comments)
Men's Health Month is a time to heighten awareness of men's and boys' health issues. Let's start with the HPV vaccine.

Rhinoplasty helps patient with deviated septum

Posted on Jun. 3, 2019 ( comments)

Stroke symptoms in women can be different from men

Posted on May. 20, 2019 ( comments)
Strokes in women sometimes aren’t recognized as quickly because their symptoms can be different from men’s.
Mary Bridge nurse Precious Estira

Mary Bridge nurse receives DAISY Award

Posted on May. 7, 2019 ( comments)
For nurse and DAISY Award winner Precious Estira, nursing isn’t just a profession.

100 days in the NICU: Micro-preemie twins survive with expert care

Posted on Apr. 29, 2019 ( comments)

Is permanent daylight saving time a good idea? Sleep medicine doctor weighs in

Posted on Apr. 24, 2019 ( comments)
Washington lawmakers want to keep the state in DST year-round. What does a sleep expert think?

Testicular cancer 101

Posted on Apr. 19, 2019 ( comments)
It’s the most common cancer in men ages 20-40, but something most guys aren’t comfortable talking about.

Colon cancer rates rising in younger adults

Posted on Mar. 15, 2019 ( comments)

Should I be concerned if my baby’s ultrasound shows a heart defect?

Posted on Feb. 14, 2019 ( comments)
Some forms of congenital heart disease are severe, but with early and planned intervention, newborns can live long and normal lives.

What should I eat to prevent breast cancer?

Posted on Oct. 30, 2018 ( comments)