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Pump, donate, repeat: How to donate breast milk in the South Sound

Posted on Aug. 3, 2018 ( comments)
Meet a South Sound mom who donated 500 ounces of breast milk and learn more about the Breast Milk Donation and Outreach Center at MultiCare Tacoma General Hospital.

From a coma to Sound to Narrows: Fred's story

Posted on Jun. 12, 2018 ( comments)
Fred and Gina S2N 2018

Remembering baby Claire

Posted on Apr. 25, 2018 ( comments)
A CPR training room in memory of baby Claire will help patients and staff in the future.

33 years and counting: Ride along with the transport team at Mary Bridge

Posted on Apr. 12, 2018 ( comments)
Mary Bridge’s team is the only pediatric critical care ground transport team in Western Washington.

Child Life helps Maddie through heart surgery

Posted on Apr. 2, 2018 ( comments)
Meet Maddie and learn how Child Life helped her through heart surgery at Mary Bridge.

Doctor Q&A: What we can learn about heart attacks from 'This is Us'

Posted on Feb. 14, 2018 ( comments)

Families, care teams and community members unite at the South Sound March for Babies

Posted on May. 5, 2017 ( comments)
March of Dimes family story
News image: Girls finale gets real: Breastfeeding can be hard

‘Girls’ finale gets real: Breastfeeding can be hard

Posted on Apr. 20, 2017 ( comments)

Sunday’s final episode of HBO drama “Girls" portrayed the difficulties of breastfeeding.

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Four tips for a healthy heart

Posted on Feb. 23, 2017 ( comments)
For Heart Month, we asked Dr. Lippman and the hamsters of the Heart Center at MultiCare Covington Medical Center to share tips for heart health.
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Mary Bridge leukemia patient raises money for cancer research

Posted on Sep. 1, 2016 ( comments)

Find out how a 10-year-old cancer patient is raising money for cancer research.