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Halloween 2020: how to celebrate safely in the age of COVID-19

Posted on Oct. 19, 2020 ( comments)

MultiCare expert says: when in public, wear a mask, skip the face shield

Posted on Jul. 17, 2020 ( comments)
Mask? Face shield? Both? A MultiCare expert weighs in on what's the best choice for the general public.

Re-opening rollbacks: what will happen to health care if restrictions increase?

Posted on Jul. 16, 2020 ( comments)

Back to school: The care and feeding of student athletes

Posted on Sep. 23, 2019 ( comments)
H@W Corporate 4

Fresh Bucks program helps families afford farm-fresh foods

Posted on Jul. 12, 2019 ( comments)

Changes to the Fresh Bucks programs this year include an unlimited dollar-for-dollar match for users to spend on produce.

How to quit smoking in 20-ish easy years

Posted on May. 31, 2019 ( comments)
"I knew the time had come to quit. And I knew I couldn’t do it on my own."
Breast Reconstruction Image

After breast cancer surgery: Your reconstruction questions answered

Posted on Oct. 16, 2017 ( comments)

What should women know about breast reconstruction after breast cancer surgery?

Have a fun (and safe!) summer: Outdoor safety tips for kids

Posted on Jun. 9, 2017 ( comments)
Family on beach

Managing diabetes during the holidays

Posted on Nov. 14, 2016 ( comments)

In honor of World Diabetes Day, here are simple-to-follow tips to help those managing diabetes have an enjoyable, healthy holiday season.


Understanding health insurance

Posted on Nov. 4, 2016 ( comments)

Health insurance can be a huge help when it comes to paying for health care. But for most of us, it doesn’t pay for everything. Read on for a list of some of the more common terms you’ll see when it comes to health insurance costs.