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CEO Message: National Nurses Day 2016

Posted on May. 6, 2016 ( comments)
Nurses Day 2016

Several years ago, after doing something stupid on a DIY project, I found myself sitting in a patient care space in the emergency department of a hospital. While contemplating what type of repair would be necessary for my injured hand, I took to listening to what was going on around me in the ED. I soon realized that my nurse was caring for three other patients besides me.

While I could not see the other patients, occasionally I could hear snippets of conversation, and I realized that my very capable and professional nurse was effectively combining her skills and training with emotional intelligence and compassion in just the way each of her patients needed.

With me, she was all business, not making me feel any more stupid than I already was feeling. 

With the intoxicated 18-year-old across the hall, she showed just the right amount of concern, mixed with an appropriate level of tough love about the harm he was causing himself and the need to grow up responsibly. 

With the young woman adjacent to me who had been beat up by her boyfriend, the nurse enveloped her with protective support, assuring her that she was safe now and that the team would protect her in the hospital and connect her to the resources she needed to stay safe once she was discharged. 

And with the older man who had been injured on a construction site and was worried about his immigration status being a barrier to care, the nurse gently assured him that her role and that of her colleagues was to make sure he received the best care; his immigration status was not an issue of the team’s concern.

My nurse was a highly capable professional who brought humanity and compassion and a willingness to be the unique caregiver that each of her individual patients needed.

And while I felt uniquely well cared for by her, I’ve come to realize that my experience was not unique — what nurses do is bring the best of care and the best of themselves to the care of their patients. That’s what Nurses Day is really all about.

Are you a nurse? Thank you!

On May 6, and all through Nurses Week, we honor your defining role in health care and express our gratitude and appreciation for what you do so faithfully every day.

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