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Check-in feature lets patients tell ED they're on their way

Posted on Jun. 4, 2014 ( comments)

Patients who are coming to a MultiCare Emergency Department can now let the facility know they are on their way with the “Tell Us You’re Coming” button through iTriage.

The service allows the patient to notify the Emergency Department of their imminent arrival, enabling the Emergency Department (ED) to anticipate and prepare for the patient’s needs. Anyone can complete the short form on the iTriage app or through the MultiCare website and receive peace of mind knowing the ED is anticipating his or her arrival.

What is iTriage?

iTriage is a free consumer health care application and website, designed to help consumers make the most appropriate decision about their health care needs. Created by two ER physicians, iTriage helps people answer the two most common medical questions: What could be wrong? and Where can I go for treatment? iTriage has information on thousands of symptoms, diseases and medical procedures.

How does iTriage work?

Let’s say your child comes down with acute abdominal pain. Once you have downloaded iTriage on your mobile device, or accessed the website at, you can search under “symptoms” for abdominal pain. iTriage will then populate a list of possible causes. From there, you can click on the procedures typically used by medical professionals to diagnose this particular condition, so that you can better explain to your child what to expect.

Based on your specific medical problem, the iTriage software will direct you to the most appropriate provider. Based on your GPS location, IP address or zip code, the iTriage app populates the provider list based on distance from your exact location.

How do I get iTriage?

iTriage is available as a free download from app stores and is also accessible from any Internet-enabled device at You can also Text 'MultiCare' to 31996 to download.

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