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Green recipes for St. Patrick’s Day

Posted on Mar. 15, 2018 ( comments)

In recognition of St. Patrick’s Day, we’re sharing “green” recipes — green in color and made up of mostly green ingredients.


Almond milk, kale and pineapple green smoothie

Lacinato Kale, a beautiful green rich in antioxidants, fiber, vitamins and minerals, boosts the nutritional profile of this recipe and to promote longevity.

Zucchini fries

Baked zucchini fries

Try a healthier version of the classic French fry.

green bean and hazelnut salad

Green bean hazelnut salad

Green beans contain powerful antioxidants that help us maintain good health, while the nuts and oils offer heart-protective monounsaturated fats.

kale and chard

Easy kale salad, sesame-sauced Swiss chard

Kale packs a powerful punch of good nutrition, and the dark green leaves of chard are nutrient powerhouses.

collard green wraps

Simple vegan snack wraps

Nutrient dense collard greens lends way to cholesterol lowering properties in this quick and easy snack.

edamame dip

Edamame dip

Replace heavy dips with this light, creamy hummus that uses edamame (green soy beans) in place of garbanzo beans.

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