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iTriage app helps patients with health decisions

Posted on May. 29, 2014 ( comments)

MultiCare Health System has partnered with health care information company iTriage to offer help identifying health conditions and then figuring out the right place to go for help.

The iTriage service is available on MultiCare's website and with the iTriage app on your mobile device.  

This free service helps patients answer two common medical questions: “What could be wrong?” and “Where can I go?”

“We’re excited to offer our community this service to help them better manage their health,” said Dr. Christopher Kodama, Medical Vice President, Inpatient Clinical Operations at MultiCare. “Using the iTriage mobile app empowers an individual to quickly and conveniently seek advice on managing their symptoms and receive guidance on the best place to seek treatment.”

Having access to this tool means that, when appropriate, people who don’t need an emergency department will be able to easily find a more appropriate location for care to address their concerns at a lower cost.

How it works:

To get started, users select primary symptoms from the avatar or list of hundreds of symptoms. Then they provide additional information:

  • Enter age and gender
  • Review list of most common conditions
  • Provide feedback on up to two additional symptoms that may be associated with the primary symptom
  • Review resorted list of most common conditions generated from additional information provided
  • Review suggested types of medical care for possible conditions, and the appropriate facilities and providers for treatment

Using geolocation, iTriage generates a list of the nearest facilities such as the emergency department, urgent care, retail or primary care/specialty clinics as well as provide insight into which type of facility would be most appropriate to address the patient’s particular concern.

“By helping patients and health care providers more quickly coordinate ‘right place, right care,’ iTriage unlocks possibilities for helping us to improve health while reducing the cost of health care,” Kodama said. “At MultiCare, we believe that tools such as iTriage help us to partner with patients in a way that acknowledges that people want real-time access to identify what’s going on and where to go in a timely, cost effective manner that addresses their medical concern as quickly as possible.”

iTriage was founded in 2008 by two emergency physicians, and the medical information is validated by medical professionals.

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