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It's About Finishing

Posted on Jun. 26, 2012 ( comments)
The author (center) with co-workers Stacey Mills and Amanda Roselle at the Sound to Narrows

Yay it’s over! Okay, it really wasn’t that bad, The Sound to Narrows! I ended up running 17 minutes and finishing the 5K totally in 1hr 1min. Not bad for someone who was really sick two weekends before and only running once a week after being sick.  I kept my thoughts positive and reminded myself it’s about finishing and not how fast I finish. It is something I will be planning to do next year.

As for my team, we lost 57lbs total — a few pounds below what we calculated but still on target for healthy weight loss for each person.

Matchup was never really a race for us; it was more about keeping each other accountable and providing each other with encouragement. I know that I hit some bumps in the road and really had to take a good look at myself and then my team and remember even a little bit is better than nothing.

The concept of Matchup is great but the execution, where all the challenges were available only on Facebook was a little too much for my team. Some of us didn’t use Facebook and didn’t want to create an account. If everything was just on the HealthyWage website we would have been more inclined to do the challenges, since as everyone would have been able to participate. But other than that I really think it did keep us focused on why we started and some of us are even continuing on the BMI challenges they are offering.

My next step is to continue do Weight Watchers along with taking the free classes here at work, plus continuing to run/exercise at the gym. I am even looking for a few 5K walk/runs and keeping the office motivated to be healthier. Yes, weight loss is a goal but being active and healthy and working on my mindset to maintain that weight loss is my bigger goal.  Over all…One day at a time and being positive helps.

Brett Murphy, Purchasing Agent, MultiCare Materials Management, was the team leader for Waist Management #1, one of the five-person teams that participated in the Pierce County Match Up weight-loss contest. This is final blog entry about her experiences with the contest, which culminated at the Sound to Narrows on June 9, 2012. All together, 1,400 individuals participated in teams in the contest, losing a total of 15,000 pounds. 

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