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Kid health: entice picky eaters with themed meals

Posted on May. 16, 2013 ( comments)
Let's face it, we all have those standard meals we eat every week. It’s often hard to break out of old habits and get creative with meals that won’t cause a serious uprising. So how about trying themes?

Instead of walking aimlessly through the isles of the super market to try and find something new to try, theme your meal around an entire color, culture, or style. Even eating your standard meals can be more fun with a little creativity.

Here are a few ideas to get you started:

One-color meal
Everything on your plate must come from the same color family. An orange menu could include macaroni and cheese, carrot sticks and orange slices.

Fusion night
Pick two world regions and fuse them together in one fun meal. Chinese-Italian night might feature spaghetti, green salad and a fortune cookie - all eaten with chopsticks!

Backwards dinner
Start with a pudding cup and work your way back, ending with a salad served in a parfait glass with ranch dressing for whipped cream and a cherry tomato for the cherry.

Serve every course as a kebab. Make a skewered salad with chunks of lettuce, cherry tomatoes, peppers and olives. Skewered meat and vegetables make up the main course. Top it off with a fruit kebab for dessert!

Peggy Norman, MS, RD, CDE is a Program Coordinator/Registered Dietitian with the Mary Bridge Pediatric Weight and Wellness ProgramMary Bridge Children’s Hospital is committed to helping every child live an active and healthy life. The program, for ages 6-17, provides access to specialists and health care professionals who can expertise in helping families make healthy changes. The program’s holistic approach can result in lasting improvements in your child’s health and quality of life.
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