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Monkeyshines hidden glass art found on MultiCare campus in Tacoma

Posted on Feb. 5, 2014 ( comments)

MultiCare Health System’s lead groundskeeper Greg Allen found this 12th Man glass token hidden in a planter in Baker Plaza on the campus of Mary Bridge Children’s Hospital and Tacoma General Hospital.

“It was just right dead center in a little succulent,” Allen said Thursday.

The glass art is related to the annual Monkeyshines festivities, in which handmade glass art is hidden around Tacoma on Chinese New Year – Jan. 31 this year. Organizers hid 1,000 glass balls stamped with a “Year of the Horse” symbol. Also hidden around town are medallions, marbles and the 12th Man tokens, in honor of the Seattle Seahawks.

A few other 12th Man tokens have been found this week on the Mary Bridge campus, mostly hidden in planters. In the past, patients and staff members have found the prized glass balls on campus. 

Keep an eye out and remember the rule: take only one!

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