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MultiCare patient financial navigators provide peace of mind for our patients

Posted on May. 21, 2020 ( comments)

We understand these are unprecedented times, and our entire community is feeling the financial impact of COVID-19.

Even before this pandemic, MultiCare had a robust team of 30 Patient Financial Navigators to help our patients get connected to state and federal insurance resources, community assistance programs, as well as the MultiCare Financial Assistance program.

Hear from a few of our navigators for an inside look at how not only how they provide relief and peace of mind to patients every day, but in turn how those patients have inspired and had an impact on the them.

Patient Financial Navigators-Boratha D

Boratha D. - PFN Supervisor

  • There’s definitely been an increase in self-pay patients that now qualify for Medicaid or a higher Financial Assistance approval due to COVID-19 and losing their jobs. Patients are contacting us to apply or reapply for programs due to drastic change in circumstances.
Patient Financial Navigators-BILLIE T

Billie T. - PFN at Tacoma General and Mary Bridge

  • When you’re in the hospital or Emergency Department it is already nerve-wracking. Having the opportunity to speak with these patients or family members evaluating their circumstances and eligibility for assistance, provides them peace of mind that they are not in this alone. They have a team of individuals not only attending to their health care, but a team devoted to assisting with how to pay for those services. Inability to pay is one of the main reason people tend to avoid seeing doctors or taking better care of their health. The joy on their faces when you’re able to enroll them in a program to help them is the best feeling.
  • Most patients think because we are called Patient FINANCIAL navigators, that we are bill collectors. In reality, we are eligibility and enrollment navigators. We are only here to assist patients in enrolling in coverage or assistance through the various programs available through either MultiCare directly or the state of Washington.
Patient Financial Navigators-CHELSEY K

Chelsey K. - PFN at Good Samaritan

  • We have PFNs at almost all of the hospitals that have continued to work here during the COVID-19 crisis. It’s important to be available on-site for patients that may need help enrolling in programs while admitted to the ER or hospital. We also have an office where the Financial Assistance applications are mailed and processed. Most of those team members have been able to work from home during the COVID-19 crisis.
  • I’ve had the opportunity to help many patients get access to financial resources to pay for their medical care, including cancer treatments that they would have otherwise had to forgo due to cost and long-term hospital stays that could force someone into bankruptcy. One case that made a real impact on the way I feel about my job was a patient that had a bill in the $200,000 range and he was no longer able to work to provide for his family. He was uninsured and over income for Washington Apple Health, but because of our Financial Assistance program and our great leadership team, MultiCare was able to cover the cost for him. His spouse called me crying when she received the letter and told me that this was better than winning the lottery.
Patient Financial Navigators-Joey D

Joey D. -Sr PFN at Deaconess

  • We take the time to discuss every program available to the patient until we can find the program that best suits their situation and needs. There tends to be a sense of hope when the patient realizes the amount of options that are available, but the best part is the relief that the patient expresses once we have helped them obtain the assistance.
  • The best part about what I do is helping people find some calm in their storm. Bills are stressful enough but having a hospital bill without the means of paying it can be extremely overwhelming. I am blessed to be able to help so many people.
Patient Financial Navigators-Sandra P

Sandra P. - Sr PFN at Good Samaritan

  • Some patients have never even heard of Medicaid Coverage, so, education is also another very important aspect of our job. And the Financial Assistance Program thru MultiCare is not just for uninsured patients, it also assists with out of pocket expenses for patients with insurance
Patient Financial Navigators-Kaelyn H

Kaelyn H. -Sr PFN at Deaconess

  • Reach out to us, we are here to help. We are all struggling right now, but we have resources available to help. If we are not able to enroll in the state’s no cost health insurance plan, our MultiCare Financial Assistance program is very robust and is able to help.

We Can Help

We understand that life is expensive, not everyone has a rainy-day fund or back up plan for emergencies. We are here to provide compassionate support and assistance navigating through the process of eligibility and enrollment. We are here to provide a service to each patient to make their health care journey one step easier. We’re here for you.

Contact the MultiCare Patient Financial Navigators: 833-936-0515.

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