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MultiCare Rockwood Clinic opening respiratory health clinics in Moran Prairie, Liberty Lake and Cheney

Posted on Apr. 2, 2020 ( comments)

To meet the care needs of our community, MultiCare Rockwood will open three new respiratory health clinics in Spokane. Moran Prairie, Liberty Lake and Cheney clinics will consolidate primary care visits to nearby clinic locations in order to provide much-needed care to patients experiencing respiratory symptoms.

Staff at MultiCare Rockwood Clinic are working hard to care for all patients during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. COVID-19 is a respiratory illness that can spread from person to person. The virus has similar symptoms to the flu, which include coughing, fever and difficulty breathing. 

Who should be seen?

The new respiratory clinics will act as an urgent care setting for anyone experiencing a cough, cold, sore throat, fever, fatigue, nausea, diarrhea or shortness of breath. After an initial assessment, a provider can administer testing for flu, bronchitis or COVID-19 if necessary. For patients experiencing severe trouble breathing, chest pain or a severe life-threatening injury, we recommend visiting the nearest emergency room for immediate medical attention.

We recognize that availability is crucial during this time, which is why these respiratory clinics will remain open during the weekends. The Liberty Lake clinic will be open 7-days a week. Moran Prairie and Cheney locations will be open Monday through Saturday. Clinic hours are listed below.

Respiratory clinic locations and hours

Liberty Lake Clinic

Monday – Friday: 8am-8pm

Saturday – Sunday: 8am – 8pm

Cheney Clinic

Monday – Friday: 8am-5pm

Saturday: 8am – 4pm

Moran Prairie

Monday – Friday: 8am-5pm

Saturday: 8am – 4pm

How to make an appointment

To make an appointment at any of our three respiratory clinics, contact 509-233-5102 Monday through Friday. To schedule an appointment on the weekend, contact the clinic directly.  

Rockwood Clinic is the largest outpatient diagnostic and treatment center in the Spokane region, with multiple locations offering primary care, urgent care and specialty care. We offer comprehensive health care through a diverse offering of specialties through our outpatient diagnostic and treatment centers

Please visit MultiCare’s COVID-19 Resource Center for the latest news, updates and information about ways to stay safe and healthy.

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