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National Volunteer Week: celebrating MultiCare volunteers

Posted on Apr. 21, 2021 ( comments)

This week marks seven days of appreciation for the hundreds of team members who donate their time and talent to MultiCare – it’s National Volunteer Week.

Last year, 5,975 MultiCare volunteers donated 107,252 hours of time to make sure that MultiCare staff and patients had everything they needed to be successful, even during a global pandemic.

The following vignettes highlight just some of the many passionate individuals that continue to support MultiCare teams and their community. 

Lending an ear

Jamie Klein

Jamie has been a volunteer with MultiCare Volunteer Services since 2018.  She has dedicated her time connecting with hospice patients during their most difficult days bringing them comfort and a smile. 

After COVID-19 hit and in-person visits had to be placed on hold; Jamie didn’t stop,  instead she connected with hospice patients through thoughtful weekly telephone calls and then added seven additional weekly telephone calls to seniors who were experiencing loneliness due to isolation caused by the COVID-19 pandemic through the Senior Support Calls program. 

Jamie takes her time building a connection with each patient making sure they feel heard, loved and have the support they need.

Enhancing patient experiences

Faith Pak

Volunteer, Faith Pak, welcomes all patients and families with a smile. She is a door screener at the North Shore Clinic, taking the temperatures of each patient and visitor, providing the staff extra time to spend checking in patients and collecting signatures and co pays without putting the back-office staff behind.

“Faith has enhanced the patient experience by having the first contact with patients when they are entering the building helping direct them through their visit,” Clinic Manager, Deborah Forsyth says. “Our staff value the collaboration and kindness our Faith adds to the team.  She is here three days a week and always cheerful and happy.”

Reducing isolation

Susan AmesSusan volunteers as a Senior Companion Volunteer. This role focuses on developing a friendship with community members who are 55 years or older and homebound. 

Susan has three people she visits weekly and support with visits to the doctors and grocery store.  Much of the visits are also just time to talk. 

“Reducing isolation and supporting access to food and doctors helps our clients age in their homes as long as possible,” Celebrate Seniority Manager, Deborah Gurney says.   “Thank you for making a difference, Susan, through your dedication, compassion and time.”

Keeping our patients safe

Lonnie Dotson Jr_

Lonnie Dotson Sr. has volunteered more than 400 hours at the Covington Laboratory Desk and as a front entrance door screener.

“Lonnie is so very sociable and relatable to our public,” Covington Security Officer, Jake Brooks says. “He is attentive and diligent, with his volunteer role. He has a smile and positive attitude, with such uplifting conversation; for each and every person he is screening at the front. He is always willing to jump in and help where needed, and train new volunteers. Lonnie’s just an excellent volunteer, across the board!”

One of Lonnie’s major goals is keeping everyone safe. Lonnie made sure to communicate the needs of the medical center such as PPE equipment for patients, visitors and volunteers. Lonnie’s enthusiasm and knowledge of his role, shows everyone he represents and upholds all of MultiCare’s values.

Learn more about MultiCare Volunteer Services and explore volunteer opportunities at MultiCare and Mary Bridge Children’s. 

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