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New technology can ease stress, discomfort during lumpectomy procedures

Posted on Sep. 27, 2018 ( comments)

MultiCare Covington Medical Center is now offering a new technology that can help reduce stress and discomfort during lumpectomy procedures for Breast Health Services patients.

Traditional lumpectomy procedures involve wire localization— inserting a wire into the breast on the day of surgery. For many women, this leads to discomfort, increased anxiety, and reduced satisfaction.

The new technology, called the Savi Scout®, uses a small reflector the size of a grain of rice that is implanted the day before surgery and eliminates the need for wires. During surgery, this reflector precisely guides surgeons with a 1mm margin of accuracy using a unique radar signal.

“Providing this new technology will allow more accurate identification of the abnormality being excised, which can result in better conservation of breast tissues without sacrificing outcome,” says Dr. Eunice Cho, a breast surgeon with MultiCare. “Patients will feel less discomfort and will have an overall more positive experience.”

According to Cianna Medical, manufacturer of the technology, it offers multiple benefits to both the surgeon and the patient including:

  • The ability to place the reflector on a separate day can simplify the patient’s day of surgery, increasing convenience and lessening anxiety.
  • The reflector is not externally visible after placement and will not restrict the patient’s daily activities.
  • Minimization of the patient’s wait time on the day of surgery.
  • Guidance for precise tumor localization, which some studies show may increase the likelihood of complete cancer removal, reduce the chance of removal of normal tissue and reduce the chances that the patient will need a second surgery.
  • The surgeon is able to plan the incision during surgery, which may allow for less tissue removal which can help result in better cosmetic results.

Initial Savi Scout® consultations will be held at MultiCare Covington Medical Center with breast lumpectomy procedures performed at MultiCare Auburn Medical Center.

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