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Our favorite stories of 2019

Posted on Dec. 20, 2019 ( comments)

As the year — and decade — comes to a close, we’re looking back at our favorite stories in and around MultiCare in 2019.

CeCe’s Journey
Cecile Snyder, who goes by CeCe, has Down syndrome. She also has cancer — acute lymphoblastic leukemia. She was diagnosed February 2018 and is still undergoing chemotherapy treatment.

MultiCare brings K-9 security to hospitals
Security dog Odin close-up
“MultiCare wanted a dog to deter people from bringing drugs into the hospital. They also wanted a dog that is calm enough to interact with children in a hospital situation. He’s a good working dog, but honestly, he’s as much as a morale dog for patients and employees.”

What is medical bias, and what can health care do about it?
Let’s be honest. Not everyone is treated the same at the doctor’s office — and the costs of that are high. For example, providers may assume black Americans have a higher pain tolerance — an outdated and incorrect belief originally used to justify slavery — and thus prescribe inappropriate painkillers.

Tacoma’s first school-based clinic will provide care on campus
Oakland High School
A new MultiCare Health Clinic at Oakland High School, the first of its kind in Tacoma, is helping students succeed in school by allowing them to focus on graduation without having to leave campus for health care.

MultiCare announces 10-year, $1 million partnership with Hooptown USA
This sponsorship builds upon MultiCare's partnership with The Spokane Hoopfest Association, including as the official Hoopfest medical sponsor for the past few years.

Covington hospital and its first baby both turn 1
Beal Phillips family photo
This April, labor and delivery nurse Becky Beal celebrated two milestones: the one-year anniversary of her workplace, MultiCare Covington Medical Center, and — perhaps a bit more exciting to the new mom — the first birthday of her baby girl.

When Homer came to MultiCare, he was sleeping in his van
Homer Wells
Homeless, jobless and sleeping in his van, Homer Wells ended up at a MultiCare emergency department when his blood sugar got out of control. A nurse and Personal Health Partner helped him find housing.

Onward: The story behind Wellfound Behavioral Health Hospital’s art installation
Peter Jacobsen with Wellfound Behavioral Health Hospital art
Tacoma artist Peter Jacobsen found a safe haven in his art when facing depression and suicidal thoughts. He contributed the major artwork for WellFound Behavioral Health Hospital, a partnership between MultiCare and CHI Franciscan that opened this spring.

To treat a cancer patient with special needs, it takes a devoted team
Candi Tyree last day of chemo
Candi has been through more than most in her life’s journey. Born with cerebral palsy, she has the mental capacity of a 7-year-old. In mid-January, she completed a grueling six-month course of chemotherapy for an aggressive form of non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, a type of blood cancer.

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