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Q&A: Supporting the emotional needs of cancer patients

Posted on May. 29, 2018 ( comments)
"Cancer can include a lot of physical and emotional suffering. In therapy, we work on developing coping strategies for both."

The awesome Dawsin

Posted on May. 25, 2018 ( comments)
Auburn Cancer Center

MultiCare Regional Cancer Center gains national accreditation

Posted on May. 4, 2018 ( comments)
The accreditation is awarded only to organziations with the highest standards of care.

Conquering cancer with community support

Posted on May. 1, 2018 ( comments)
Thanks to generous community donations, MultiCare could provide Art with gas cards to get him to and from his treatments.
Colonoscopy screening appointment calendar image

Getting to the bottom of colonoscopies: 5 myths debunked

Posted on Mar. 27, 2018 ( comments)

Colorectal cancer is the third leading cause of cancer-related deaths in women in the United States and the second leading cause in men, but it doesn't need to be.

Mary Bridge ‘a hospital from heaven’ for former patient turned college athlete

Posted on Mar. 26, 2018 ( comments)

Regional Cancer Center attains national Breast Center accreditation

Posted on Mar. 13, 2018 ( comments)
Lung cancer patient Mike Shinn

MultiCare lung cancer screening program helps high-risk patients beat the disease

Posted on Nov. 16, 2017 ( comments)
Mike is now cancer-free thanks to a low-dose CT scan.

Display at Tacoma General offers glimpse into tactics of big tobacco

Posted on Nov. 14, 2017 ( comments)
"The Evolving Cigarette" examines the role of marketing and manufacturing in increasing addiction.

Breast cancer patient uses writing to share news of diagnosis

Posted on Oct. 23, 2017 ( comments)
Wilson, now 50, was diagnosed with stage IV breast cancer January 2016.