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mens health doctor reminder

3 health mistakes men make, and what to do about them

Posted Jun 30, 2016 ( comments)
What are the most common health mistakes men make? We asked our doctors.Read Article arrow

Sorted By: General Vitals

Ask Vitals: What booster shots do I need as an adult?

Posted on Jun. 24, 2016 ( comments)
News image: What vaccinations do I need as an adult?
Hot Sun

Hot weather reminder: Look before you lock your car

Posted on Jun. 8, 2016 ( comments)

It only takes minutes for the inside of a car to reach a deadly temperature. Learn about the danger to children and pets.

Have a fun (and safe!) summer: Outdoor safety tips for kids

Posted on May. 27, 2016 ( comments)
Family on beach
Auburn Medical Center nurse

10 things you didn't know about nurses

Posted on May. 11, 2016 ( comments)

In honor of National Nurses Week, we asked our nurses for a peek into their profession.

baby crying

Helping prepare new parents for fussy and frustrating times

Posted on May. 9, 2016 ( comments)
Learn about a program that helps parents prepare for a developmental stage when babies cry — a lot.

Children's Therapy Unit celebrates 50 years of possibilities

Posted on Apr. 22, 2016 ( comments)
News image: Over-the-counter painkillers

Over-the-counter painkillers: What's the difference?

Posted on Apr. 20, 2016 ( comments)

What do you reach for when you have a headache? Learn the difference between three common over-the-counter painkillers.

Great places to walk in the South Sound

Posted on Apr. 5, 2016 ( comments)
wright park national walking day
News image: Tips for managing seasonal allergies

Tips for managing seasonal allergies

Posted on Mar. 29, 2016 ( comments)

Allergy season arrived early this year. Read on for tips from MultiCare allergy specialists.

News Image - 10 ways to not sacrifice sleep when we 'spring forward' on Sunday

Don't sacrifice sleep: Tips for Daylight Saving Time

Posted on Mar. 11, 2016 ( comments)

Daylight Saving Time begins at 2am on Sunday. Are you prepared to "spring forward?" These tips will help.