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Running shoes

Is running really bad for your knees?

Posted on May. 23, 2017 ( comments)

Run long enough and you’ll eventually hear “Running is bad for your knees.” But is it true?

Mumps virus

MMR vaccine critical in fight against mumps outbreak

Posted on May. 16, 2017 ( comments)
With recent mumps outbreaks locally and measles outbreaks in Minnesota, be sure you and your children have received the MMR vaccine.

How to run even when you don’t want to

Posted on May. 15, 2017 ( comments)
News image - How to run even when you don't want to
H@W Corporate 4

Fresh Bucks: Helping local families afford farm-fresh foods

Posted on May. 4, 2017 ( comments)

A nearly $6 million grant from the USDA is helping bring farm-fresh produce to low-income families in our communities.

Sound to Narrows: Beginner's guide to training for a 12k

Posted on Apr. 17, 2017 ( comments)
News image: Sound to Narrows 2016: Beginner’s guide to training for a 12k
Bedroom sleep bed DST

Do this, not that: Sleep tips for DST

Posted on Mar. 9, 2017 ( comments)

Here are some simple tips to help you adjust to DST.


Limited mobility? Exercise still possible with 'Sit and Be Fit'

Posted on Jan. 27, 2017 ( comments)

MultiCare will be holding its first Chairobics “Sit and Be Fit” class Friday, Feb. 3.

Oatmeal post_breakfast apple muesli

4 ways to celebrate National Oatmeal Month

Posted on Jan. 20, 2017 ( comments)

We’re celebrating National Oatmeal Month with four yummy recipes — plus some facts about this versatile health food.

Types of oats

Spice up your oats: Ideas for sweet and savory oatmeal

Posted on Jan. 6, 2017 ( comments)

For National Oatmeal Month, we've gathered all the best topping ideas and combinations — both sweet and savory.