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John Huddlestone, MD, celebrates retirement after 40 years of MS research

Posted on Sep. 25, 2020 ( comments)

John Huddlestone, MD, retired from MultiCare in September after nearly 40 years as a dedicated physician, neurologist and researcher.

Virtual car seat checks, September 20-26, 2020 is National Child Passenger Safety Week

Posted on Sep. 21, 2020 ( comments)
Mary Bridge has been offering car seat inspections for well over 20 years at events where we educate families right at — and in — their car. Those community events have paused for now, but we are offering an exciting new option: Virtual car seat checks.

Recovery Month spotlight: Pregnant patients with substance use disorder get much-needed care

Posted on Sep. 21, 2020 ( comments)
MultiCare's East Pierce Family Medicine's  Substance Treatment and Recovery Training program combines prenatal care and substance use disorder treatment for pregnant patients in need.

Breathing in smoky air? Saline irrigations can help.

Posted on Sep. 14, 2020 ( comments)
According to news reports, the smoke from our state’s wildfires may be here to stay for a few more days.There is a lot of talk in the media about the benefits of filters such as particulate-filtering respirator masks, air purifiers and HEPA filters to protect us from the pollution. But don’t forget about the one filter that we all have access to and use every day: our nose.

3 indicators of a happy, healthy workplace during COVID-19

Posted on Sep. 14, 2020 ( comments)
In the times of COVID-19, emotional security, mental health and increased communication should be considered for the greater wellbeing of your team. Here are some signs to look for to ensure a happy, healthy workplace.
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CEO Message: Remembering 9/11

Posted on Sep. 11, 2020 ( comments)
MultiCare President and CEO Bill Robertson looks back on the events of September 11, 2001, on its 19th anniverary.

Watch: Is masking working?

Posted on Sep. 9, 2020 ( comments)

DAISY winner Mary Sanchez: Long road to a big dream

Posted on Sep. 8, 2020 ( comments)

As a little girl growing up in Southern California, Mary Sanchez saw a nurse dressed in a starched, white uniform and cool matching cap. From that day on, Mary knew she wanted to be a nurse.​ The road to nursing was a long one. 

CEO Message: Labor Day 2020

Posted on Sep. 4, 2020 ( comments)
Thank you doctors