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Fireworks sign

Don't let your Fourth of July backfire: Know how to use fireworks safely

Posted Jun 27, 2016 ( comments)
Emergency rooms across the state are urging caution and awareness as we approach the Fourth of July weekend.Read Article arrow

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Flu shot

What new vaccine requirement? Here's what you need to know

Posted on Jun. 21, 2016 ( comments)

Starting this fall, Washington students entering grades 9th–12th will be required to have two doses of the varicella (chickenpox) vaccine.

5 ways to help teens and children process tragedy

Posted on Jun. 13, 2016 ( comments)

A local child psychologist offers advice to help you talk to your teens and children about recent news stories involving the attack at an Orlando nightclub.

Hot Sun

Hot weather reminder: Look before you lock your car

Posted on Jun. 8, 2016 ( comments)

It only takes minutes for the inside of a car to reach a deadly temperature. Learn about the danger to children and pets.

Have a fun (and safe!) summer: Outdoor safety tips for kids

Posted on May. 27, 2016 ( comments)
Family on beach

Beads of Courage help Mary Bridge cancer patients tell their stories

Posted on May. 19, 2016 ( comments)
Beads of Courage

During good times and bad, Child Life Specialists are there for young patients

Posted on Apr. 13, 2016 ( comments)
Kristen and Ava

Window Safety Week: Tips to prevent window falls

Posted on Apr. 6, 2016 ( comments)

With the recent warm weather, it's a good time to remind parents of the dangers that open windows pose to children.

Grandpa and Grandchild Playing Baseball

20 ways to get outside this spring

Posted on Apr. 5, 2016 ( comments)

Here are 20 ideas for families who want to get outdoors and enjoy the warm spring weather.

Children swinging outdoors

Asthma management program helps children stay out of the hospital

Posted on Mar. 28, 2016 ( comments)

Clean Air for Kids provides free home visits and asthma education to families in MultiCare's service area.

Why your kid is a picky eater, and 6 tips to help

Posted on Mar. 14, 2016 ( comments)