How to get more plant-based proteins into your diet

Posted Mar 20, 2019 ( comments)
The "protein flip" is about getting protein from a variety of sources, not giving up meat entirely.Read Article arrow

Colon cancer rates rising in younger adults

Posted on Mar. 15, 2019 ( comments)
The good news is that when it’s caught early, colorectal cancers are very treatable.

Mary Bridge program helps children cope with the loss of a loved one

Posted on Mar. 11, 2019 ( comments)
Bridges is one of the only bereavement programs available for children in the Pacific Northwest.

Should Daylight Saving Time be abolished? Sleep medicine doctor weighs in

Posted on Mar. 7, 2019 ( comments)
Washington lawmakers want to keep the state in DST year-round. What does a sleep expert think?

Defiance debut MultiCare kit at first home game

Posted on Mar. 6, 2019 ( comments)

MultiCare Valley Hospital earns five-star quality rating from CMS

Posted on Mar. 1, 2019 ( comments)
Only the top six percent of hospitals nationwide met the quality standards for a five-star rating.
JP Avila grandmother hands

Patient’s grandson shares gratitude for caregivers

Posted on Feb. 28, 2019 ( comments)
"She's lucky to have you ... all of you! But luck is not part of good medicine. People are what give this place the illusion of luck."

What we can learn from Canada’s new food guidelines

Posted on Feb. 19, 2019 ( comments)

Video: Skiing and snowboarding safety

Posted on Feb. 15, 2019 ( comments)
A MultiCare orthopedic surgeon shares tips and tricks for avoiding common skiing and snowboarding injuries.

How to reduce the risk of ear infections in kids

Posted on Feb. 14, 2019 ( comments)
If you find yourself thinking “Another ear infection?” about your child, this article might be for you.