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All in the family: The history of Come Walk With Me

Posted on Oct. 6, 2017 ( comments)
Believe it or not, Pierce County’s largest breast cancer walk was inspired by a woman named Pinky.

4 reasons you must attend Rock the Foundation

Posted on Aug. 17, 2017 ( comments)
Here are four reasons to get excited about this year's Rock the Foundation fundraising event.

Bryan and Tiffany: Romancing the Courage

Posted on Aug. 3, 2017 ( comments)
Courage myth has it that Bryan and Tiffany’s romance began on “the ride.”

Nurse Camper wants to become doctor, follow in parents’ footsteps

Posted on Jul. 21, 2017 ( comments)

Service-oriented student leader sets her sights on Nurse Camp

Posted on Jul. 20, 2017 ( comments)
This week, Devon joins more than 100 high school students at MultiCare Nurse Camp.

Nurse Camp student-turned-nurse reflects on her experience at camp

Posted on Jul. 18, 2017 ( comments)

Sarah Cobb, once a Nurse Camp student, now works at Mary Bridge Children's Hospital as a PICU nurse.

14th annual Nurse Camp kicks off in Tacoma

Posted on Jul. 17, 2017 ( comments)

How to use fireworks safely — and avoid a trip to the hospital

Posted on Jun. 26, 2017 ( comments)

Emergency rooms across the state are urging caution and awareness as we approach the Fourth of July weekend.

Sound to Narrows kids running

800 Tacoma students get Fit for Sound to Narrows

Posted on Jun. 7, 2017 ( comments)

Fit for Sound to Narrows is a new eight-week program encouraging students in grades K–5 to lead healthy, active lives.

2nd Cycle

2nd Cycle returns for a second cycle with Mary Bridge Children’s Courage

Posted on Jun. 6, 2017 ( comments)
This is 2nd Cycle's second year at Mary Bridge Children's Courage assisting with the SAG crew.