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We tried it: a 'fizzy' facial

Posted on Feb. 20, 2013 ( comments)

Tucked away in a quiet corner of the MultiCare Gig Harbor Medical Park is perhaps the last thing you expect to see during a trip to the doctor’s office: a fully functioning medical day spa.

As a gal who’s never been able to resist a good trip to the spa, I knew I had to check it out.

I arrived for my treatment on a Thursday afternoon. I was scheduled for a FiSZZ (pronounced ‘fizzy’) Facial – a treatment akin to a mild chemical peel that was reported to be amazing. After a month of holiday food, dry winter air and parties with extended family, my skin and I were ready to be amazed.

From the moment I followed the receptionist behind the counter, I was in a different world. No longer did I feel like I was checking in for a visit to the doctor’s office. Sage and goldenrod walls in a women’s locker room frame wooden lockers, changing nooks and makeup stations. Every surface is spotlessly clean. (A major bonus of a treatment at a medical spa – every tool down to the last cuticle nipper is sterilized with the same procedures used to sterilize surgical instruments.) A soft fleece bathrobe and warm neck wrap in a quiet lounge complete the transition from medical park to soothing spa bliss.

I am met by esthetician Paula Budihas, who leads me back to a treatment room with the promise of gorgeous, glowing skin for the weekend – it’s at this point I realize it may be time to reconsider my grand weekend plans of cleaning the house and restocking the fridge.

“I can’t think of anyone this would not be good for,” Budihas tells me. She describes the FiSZZ Facial as a good transition step between a regular facial and a chemical peel. It’s great for cleaning pores and brightening and tightening skin, without the peeling or redness that can sometimes accompany peels and other treatments. It’s a particularly fantastic option for a day or two before a special event where you really want to look your best, and would be a “perfect” pre-wedding treatment, she says.

My own treatment begins with a warm paraffin hand dip that very nearly puts me to sleep before I’ve even been on the table for five minutes. It’s followed by a gentle cleansing scrub, a clarifying masque, and yes, everyone’s favorite: extractions.

Soon it’s time for the main event. Up until this point I still don’t know how the FiSZZ (remember, it’s pronounced ‘fizzy’) Facial got its name. I’m still expecting the milder, less burny little sister of a chemical peel, so I don’t think much of it when Budihas covers my face with a citrus masque and tells me it’s ready to be activated.

She spritzes my face with a copper solution and suddenly my pores are literally fizzing. It feels amazing. It bubbles and tickles and I swear I can feel the dirt and congestion dissolving away as the solution works its magic. FiSZZ, indeed.

A healing serum, eye cream and soothing neck and scalp massage later, and I’m ready to go – and already counting the days until I can come back for more.

Request your own FiSZZ Facial appointment online today. Bonus: FiSZZ Facial appointments booked through March 31 come with a complimentary iS Clinical Cleanser.

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