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What does a pregnant dietitian eat?

Posted on May. 24, 2017 ( comments)
Pregnant dietitian - collage

Search for “what to eat when you’re pregnant” and you’ll find an overwhelming number of articles. But what does a registered dietitian eat when she’s expecting? We talked to Chelsey Lindahl, RD, CD, wellness dietitian at the MultiCare Center for Healthy Living to find out.


Pregnant dietitian - eggs

Like many pregnant women, I struggle to eat enough protein as it doesn’t appeal to me. I try to make my breakfasts protein rich, like these scrambled eggs with cheese and ham, since that is the time of day when my appetite is the best. Of course I also need some fruit to satisfy my sweet pregnancy cravings and decaf to trick my brain awake.


Pregnant dietitian - lunch

As a busy mom of a toddler, I am all about meal hacks, and even more so while pregnant. I don’t have much energy or time to prepare or plan out meals, so to make it easy on myself I use shortcuts like this rotisserie chicken and sweet kale salad mix from Costco. Quick, easy and affordable, plus I know I’m getting lots of good nutrition (like B12, vitamin C and fiber) for baby and me!


Pregnant dietitian - dinner

Like most families, our weeknights equal beautiful chaos. In spite of this, we try to sit down for family dinner when we can. One of our main go-to meals is roasted chicken sausage and whatever veggies we have on hand. My favorite combination is chicken and apple sausage with sweet potatoes, mushrooms and Brussels sprouts.

On this particular day we only had sweet potatoes and broccoli on hand. To prepare, slice chicken sausage, chop sweet potatoes and other veggies (cut veggies that cook faster like broccoli into larger pieces). Toss everything in 1 tablespoon avocado oil and season with salt, paprika and garlic powder to taste. Roast at 375 degrees for 30–45 minutes (cooking time varies depending on size of chopped veggies).


Pregnant dietitian - snack

In both of my pregnancies I have had constant cravings for sweets. I never miss my two servings of fruit daily. Today, I had pineapple — both delicious and full of vitamin C — and a handful of almonds. As an added bonus, pineapple has enzymes to aid protein digestion and lots of fiber to keep things moving.

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