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What to pack: Adult hospital stay

Posted on Jun. 6, 2014 ( comments)
what to pack adult
You don’t need much for an extended hospital stay. Staying comfortable and passing the time will be important for almost any procedure or length of stay. We asked patients to tell us about their must-have items for overnight hospital stays.  

Here is a list of seven most recommended items and why you might want them.

  1. Change of clothes 
    “I spent most of my time in a hospital gown but it was so nice to have fresh clothes to go home in.”
  2. Toothbrush and toothpaste
    “Of all the toiletries to take to the hospital, I was most grateful for my toothbrush and toothpaste.”
  3. Book 
    “A book keeps me from being bored. I have three kids so the last time I had to stay at the hospital was also the last time I read a book.”
  4. Warm socks
    “My feet are always freezing when I stay in the hospital. If I know I’m going to stay overnight, I pack the warmest socks I can find.”
  5. Cell phone charger
    “I feel lost without my iPhone. Keeping my phone charged means I can text, listen to music, check Facebook and browse the Internet from my hospital bed.”
  6. Paper and pen
    “It was nice to have a notepad and pen because I could write down my questions for the doctor throughout the day. I had a list ready each time I saw him.” 
  7. Pillow
    “A pillow from home isn’t necessary, but it’s a nice comfort
Have you had an overnight hospital stay? Would you add anything to the list? Tell us in the comments.

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