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The 'Workout Queen' Takes on a New Challenge

Posted on Mar. 22, 2012 ( comments)

The minute I heard about the Pierce County Matchup weight-loss contest, I knew I needed to do it. I was already on a mission, taking all the [email protected] classes that I could — the office was calling me the “Workout Queen” — so I thought, why not this too? 

I challenged a few of my co-workers to join me, partly to annoy them, but mostly because I wanted to create a support system not only at home but at work.  I’m not calling anyone in the office over weight, because I would be the first to point the finger at myself.  I just want to see my fellow co-workers have the same passion about getting healthy as I do and let them know I care about their health and well being .
My only goal with this contest is to be healthier and change my frame of mind to something more positive. I know that most would have said their contest goal was simply, “lose weight.” And, yes, of course I want to lose weight, who doesn’t, but I also want to learn to be healthy. I know I have to change my mind and attitude in order for the weight come off. 

Looking back at all the times that I have been active I sure have felt better and looked better. I basically made up my mind that in the New Year I needed to make a change and, with all the classes being offered for free from [email protected], why not do as many as I could? So here I am signing up for as much as I can and encouraging my co-workers.

I have already been attending Weight Watchers so the weigh-in to start the contest wasn’t anything out of the norm for me, although I knew it wasn’t going to be good. And really, who likes to weigh in except prize fighters and wrestlers?  But, ultimately, it just made me realize that now I REALLY have to look at the things that are holding me back at being successful in losing weight and tame them. The mind change to exercise is done…I have classes lined up and attend them regularly.  Now I have to address the eating.

Brett Murphy, Purchasing Agent, MultiCare Materials Management, is the team leader for Waist Management #1, one of the five-person teams participating in the Pierce County Match Up weight-loss contest. Brett’s team goal is to lose 80 to 100 pounds as a group and she will be blogging occasionally about her experiences with the contest, which culminates at the Sound to Narrows on June 9, 2012.

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