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Y member ups his game with MultiCare Sports Nutrition Services

Posted on Sep. 12, 2019 ( comments)
YMCA member Darian Broadhead with Lisa Lovejoy, MultiCare sports and wellness nutritionist.

After completing his first half Iron Man triathlon, YMCA member Darian Broadhead wanted to see what he could do to up his game and perform better on the next one.

“I’m a person where if I’m gonna do it, I do it one million percent,” Broadhead says.

His Y trainer, Ruth Perkins, referred him to MultiCare’s sports and wellness nutritionist Lisa Lovejoy, Med, RD, CSSD, CD.

In March 2018, Broadhead had his first assessment with Lovejoy. He decided to do the comprehensive sports wellness package, which includes:

  • Resting metabolic rate testing
  • Three BodPod tests to monitor progress
  • Complete assessment of current diet, vitamins, minerals, supplements and hydration
  • A meal plan and sample menu of current dietary needs

Every individual is different and gets a tailored plan to fit their goals.

“Originally, I had over 30 percent body fat,” says Broadhead. “It was shocking how much body fat.”

He was no stranger to nutrition — Broadhead has a degree in exercise science and a minor in nutrition. But he wanted to take things to the next level.

Little changes add up to big improvements

“Just being aware is the first thing,” Broadhead says. “I’m an emotional eater. I don’t drink beer. I still eat sugar and yummy food, just in moderation. Now I eat tons of fruits and vegetables and I feel amazing. I feel on point.”

In fact, now his body doesn’t tolerate eating off plan.

“Over Christmas I had a bag of Doritos with eggnog, and I was destroyed for days,” he says. “But I’m glad my body isn’t used to that anymore.”

His performance has made a marked improvement as well.

Broadhead started with a 11- to 12-minute mile, and he’s cut that down to 8.5-9 minutes. And he’s reduced his swim time by one-third.

“I perform way better, and you get rejuvenated pretty quickly,” he says. “Having less weight to carry just feels better.”

Broadhead wants others to know it wasn’t overnight that he saw results, but it was worth it.

“I didn’t lose weight fast, it’s a day-in, day-out thing,” he says. “It’s those little choices that make the biggest difference.”

A reliable resource, with research

Having Lovejoy as a resource, Broadhead asked questions about all kinds of things, including supplements.

“She got back to me with research,” he says. “And she meets you where you’re at. Nobody makes you feel embarrassed for being out of shape.”

Broadhead’s experience in this program has inspired him to hopefully continue his education in the future, including a master’s degree in nutrition.

What’s next for Broadhead? He just completed another triathlon in August, has a marathon in December and a full distance Ironman in May 2020.

Darian Broadhead at Lake Meridian Triathlon

“There’s never an end to it,” he says. “When you start making changes, your friends get interested, your family gets interested, you have a lot more influence than you think. You help others gain healthy habits.”

Learn more about MultiCare’s Sports and Wellness Nutrition services. MultiCare employees and Pierce County YMCA members get a 20 percent discount.

Lisa Lovejoy, MEd, RD, CSSD, CD is a registered dietician and certified specialist in sports dietetics providing wellness and sports nutrition services. Lovejoy received her undergraduate training in nutrition science from Penn State University and earned her master's degree in exercise physiology from the University of Virginia. In her spare time she enjoys watching her kids play sports and being active with her family. Lovejoy offers nutrition services in Tacoma. Call 253-459-6966 to schedule an appointment.

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