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Comprehensive Care

A Wide Range of Services for At-Risk Moms and Newborns

Hands on NICU Baby

Neonatal Transport Service

Critically ill newborns from across Southwest Washington rely on the advanced services of the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. To give them faster access to our high level care, the Center has established a unique transport service.

These transport teams consist of specially trained registered nurses and respiratory therapists. Traveling in a specially equipped ambulance, these professionals and their equipment serve as a mobile neonatal intensive care unit to transport the baby to the hospital. If requested, the transport team will respond to a referral facility and assist in the delivery room resuscitation, stabilization and transport of the newborn.

MultiCare’s Neonatal Transport Team is the first ground-only transport in the nation to win accreditation from the Commission on Accreditation of Medical Transport Systems.

Outreach Work

Through the MultiCare Regional Perinatal Outreach Program, the high-risk specialists at MultiCare are leading a region-wide effort to improve pregnancy outcomes and decrease the incidence of low birth weight and premature babies. They share their advanced knowledge with physicians and community hospitals across southwest Washington through an outreach program designed to improve pregnancy outcomes.

Ongoing Care for Your Baby

The Neonatal Follow-up Clinic at Mary Bridge Children’s Hospital & Health Center monitors children who may be at risk for developmental delays due to prematurity or other factors. The child’s growth and development is followed at intervals from four to 30 months.

The clinic works with primary care providers and provides assessment services including hearing, vision, feeding, nutrition, neurology and genetics. They also educate families about development, safety, preventive care and ways to promote optimal growth.