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Employee Drug and Alcohol Testing

Consistent and Certified Testing Results

MultiCare Occupational Medicine offers a complete range of regulated and non-regulated drug and alcohol testing services to employers and third-party administrators. All test collections are done by certified drug test collectors. Lab analysis is completed by SAMHSA certified laboratories.

MultiCare Standard Drug Tests

Drug testing can be confusing. Terminology varies, and tests offered by different organizations with the same name more than likely test for different drugs. As a result, it is hard for most employers to know what they are buying and why.

MultiCare Occupational Medicine clears the confusion with a simple menu of standard test panels and list which drugs are being tested. We provide both DOT and non-DOT drug tests including collection, analysis, Medical Review Officer (MRO) services when applicable, and reporting.

Non-DOT drug tests include both lab-based tests (sample sent to the lab for initial and confirmation testing), and express tests (initial analysis at our clinic immediately after collection, positive results sent to lab for confirmation).

Custom Drug Tests

MultiCare Occupational Medicine also offers customized drug test panels to meet your company policy. Our trained medical review officers are available to consult with you if you are considering a custom drug test panel.

Breath Alcohol Testing

We offer Evidential Breathalyzer Testing (EBT) in compliance with federal standards, administered by a certified Breath Alcohol Technician (BAT).

Onsite and After-Hours On-Call Testing

Drug and alcohol testing is available in some areas for onsite group testing and on-call after clinic hours. Contact us for details.

*Ask us for our menu of employee drug testing services. We can help clear the confusion. Children will not be permitted to accompany the donor during the collection process and must be of age to sit unattended in the waiting room.

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