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What to Expect

We're With You Every Step of the Way


The first step to participating in MultiCare’s Joint Replacement Program is to be examined by one of our joint replacement surgeons. X-rays, and MRI or CT scans may be necessary. They may consult with your primary care provider to discuss any treatments you’ve had to date. This appointment will determine if you are a candidate for joint replacement surgery.

You will be assigned a Joint Coordinator and your surgery will be scheduled. Your Joint Coordinator will provide you with any pre-admit paperwork you will need to bring with you the day of your surgery, as well as other information to help you prepare for your hospital stay.

Joint replacement surgeries vary, depending on what joint is being replaced, but you can expect to be in surgery for one to several hours. Your loved ones will be kept up-to-date on your progress and after your surgery is complete, your surgeon will speak with them briefly in person.

You can expect to stay in the hospital after your joint replacement surgery for a day or two. Once your go home, you will continue to heal. You will be provided with detailed instructions on things you need to do at home to help with your recovery.

Physical therapy is an important part of joint replacement. Your Joint Coordinator will help you schedule these appointments.