Minimally Invasive Surgery

Smaller Incisions for Faster Healing

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Whenever possible, MultiCare’s orthopedic surgeons operate on patients using minimally invasive procedures. This means that instead of using a large incision at the surgery site, surgeons are able to use a small incision, often the size of a dime.

Minimally invasive orthopedic surgery offers a number of patient benefits including:

  • Smaller incisions and scars
  • Shorter hospital stays
  • Faster recovery times
  • Reduced post-operative pain
  • Reduced risk of complications

For these reasons, minimally invasive procedures are quite common, and often even preferred for certain types of surgeries. When appropriate, our orthopedic surgeons use minimally invasive surgical techniques when performing surgery on:

Hips — including arthroscopy for labral tears and for impingement syndrome

Knees — including ACL reconstruction; meniscus repair, meniscus transplants or menisectomy (trimming a portion of meniscus); and partial joint replacement to treat some types of arthritis in the knee

Shoulders — including rotator cuff repair, torn muscle repair, and stabilization procedures, such as repairing shoulder dislocations and fractures

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