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Helping You Regain Your Strength

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Sometimes accidents or illnesses can continue to cause problems, like reduced mobility or chronic pain, even after you’ve healed. When this happens, one of MultiCare Orthopedics & Sports Medicine’s physiatrists may be able to help you.

What are Physiatrists?

Physiatrists are also called Rehabilitation and Physical Medicine specialists. These medical doctors have special training in using nonsurgical techniques to diagnose, treat and prevent disabilities caused by accidents, injuries or illnesses. Unless it’s obvious that surgery is required, a referral to a physiatrist is often the first step following an injury, when additional medical expertise is required.

Working with you, MultiCare’s physiatrists provide an expert evaluation of your condition and an individualized treatment program. They use the latest techniques to help minimize your pain and guide you as you regain strength and return to optimal functionality.

Conditions We Treat

Physiatrists can help people who are recovering from illnesses and injuries such as:

  • Back, knee or shoulder problems
  • Side effects from cancer treatment
  • Spinal cord injury Sports injuries
  • Stroke
  • Traumatic brain injury
  • Work-related accidents

Physiatrists also help people who have acute and chronic pain issues.

Find a Provider

Find a doctor near you who specializes in physical medicine and rehabilitation.