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Patient Services Orientation

For New Employees Who Work Directly with Patients

What is MultiCare Patient Services Orientation (PSO)?

Patient Services Orientation is a system-level program designed for all new employees who work directly with patients in any capacity. This includes inpatient as well as ambulatory (clinic-based) staff. New hires may also attend System Technology Orientation following their New Employee Orientation (NEO). The amount of time that you will spend in these classes is dependent upon your job role. Orientation can take up two weeks for specific roles.

What will I learn at Patient Services Orientation?

Here are some of the topics that are covered in orientation:

  • Infection Control
  • Organ Donation
  • Emergency Preparedness
  • Life Safety
  • Safe Patient Handling
  • Point of Care Testing (bedside laboratory testing)
  • Infusion Therapy

How will I find out which classes I need to take?

Prior to your first day of employment, you will be automatically registered into the classes that you need to take for your job. You will receive a schedule on your NEO day, along with other information related to clinical orientation.

Please note: as part of the registration process, you may receive email notifications of these class registrations. This is an automated registration reminder that is built into the Learning Management System. You can delete these emails when they are received.

Where is PSO held?

PSO classes are held in Puyallup at the Good Samaritan Campus and in Tacoma at the Tacoma General Campus. You may attend classes at both locations as well as attend technology classes at the ILD East Main Training and Development Campus in Puyallup. You will receive instructions and maps of the locations for your specific classes at NEO.

What will the PSO schedule be?

Classes are held during the day, beginning at 8am and ending at approximately 4pm. The schedule that you will receive varies depending upon your job and where you work. Clinical and Technical classes run for up to two weeks following your Monday NEO.

What if I have schedule conflicts and can’t complete the PSO schedule? Will it impact my ability to start work in my department?

The PSO schedule repeats every two weeks, each time a New Employee Orientation is scheduled. With the exception of some holiday weeks during the year, the class times and locations remain unchanged during each cycle. You can arrange to postpone some of your orientation to a future cycle if it is necessary. How it will impact your ability to start work in your department will be a decision that is made by your supervisor.

Who can I contact to find out details of my particular schedule?

You will be given specific information regarding your individualized schedule at NEO.
You can contact the ILD by email at [email protected] during regular business hours or call the appropriate number below:

  • ILD Tacoma: 253-403-1280, Option 1
  • ILD East Main: 253-403-1280, Option 3


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