Patient Stories

Medical Weight Loss Patient Stories: Before and After

Losing weight can seem like an insurmountable challenge. But with the help of our Medical Weight Loss program, patients who thought they would never take control of their weight are achieving their goals, getting healthier and improving their lives.

Read more about some of our Medical Weight Loss program success stories below.

Lindsey Atkinson Before and After


Lindsey Atkinson struggled with her weight nearly her entire life. After having her son a few years ago, she weighed 215 pounds and was still on an endless cycle of yo-yo dieting. Low-calorie, low-fat. High-fat, low-carb. You name it, she tried it. But then she learned about the Medical Weight Loss Program at MultiCare's Center for Weight Loss and Wellness.

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Liz Svigals Before and After


After beating breast cancer in 2009, Liz Svigals's weight kept going up. In early 2016, weighing 216 pounds, Liz asked her doctor for ideas to help her get back to a healthy weight. He referred her to MultiCare’s Medical Weight Loss Program.

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Paul Haak before and after weight loss


Paul Haak had fought a losing battle with his weight since high school. Once he reached 330 pounds, he was hit with the realization that his weight was significantly hurting his health. Determined to make a change, he found the Center for Weight Loss & Wellness website and made the phone call that changed his life

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