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Patient Transfer Center - Inland Northwest Region

Direct Patient Transfers & Admits to Our Inland Northwest Region Hospitals

The INW MultiCare Regional Transfer Center is a standard process for patient transfers and direct admits for our hospitals in the Inland Northwest region in order to improve patient safety and satisfaction, provide a better experience for providers, and to create a more seamless process for patients, families and providers.

The MultiCare Inland Northwest Regional Transfer Center Process

1.Referring providers or facilities will call one of two numbers:

  • MultiCare Inland Northwest Regional Transfer Center for adult patients:
    or Toll Free 

2. These numbers are answered 24/7 by dedicated and experienced, RN staff.

3. The Transfer Center line contains a decision tree providing the option for the referring Provider to choose
    emergent calls, such as a Cardiac or Stroke Activation.  Utilizing this option triggers a different ring tone for
     the Transfer Center RN so they are aware of the emergent request.

4. The Transfer Center connects referring Providers with the appropriate Physician on call to facilitate
    consultations, or Physician to Physician report for patient acceptance.  

5. The Transfer Center captures and documents medical and demographic information into the EMR.

6. The Transfer Center also works with the appropriate unit to achieve the right level of care, and a bed 
    assignment, for the patient.

7. Once the unit and bed assignment are confirmed, the Transfer Center will let the referring facility know the
    bed assignment and the primary RNs name and contact number for nurse to nurse hand off.

Who Does The INW MultiCare Regional Transfer Center Apply To?

MultiCare Patient Transfer Center should be used for any direct admit or acute transfer patient in the Inland Northwest region who meets the following criteria:

  • Is a direct admit into a MultiCare facility
  • Is an acute inpatient transfer between MultiCare facilities
  • Is an acute transfer from a non-system hospital to MultiCare

Questions? Contact:

Erika Abdnor, Director of Clinical Operations, [email protected], 509-473-7036 
Stacy Phelps, Supervisor INW Regional Transfer Center, [email protected],