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Important flu update

Flu cases are at an all-time high in our region. Please read our important message about where to seek care for the flu. Learn More

Pay & Benefits

Competitive Base Pay and Benefits

At MultiCare, we care for patients through every stage of life. The same is true for our employees. Our pay and benefits reflect the diverse needs of our employees—from new grads with school loans, to working parents, to "empty nesters" just a few years from retirement.

How Pay Rates Are Set

MultiCare frequently monitors local, regional and national pay practices to ensure our pay remains competitive. Starting pay rates for new employees are based on relevant experience and, in some cases, education or certifications.

In most cases, pay is based on the average for similar jobs in our region. In some cases, our analysis includes a comparison of pay rates across the entire country.

Incentive Plans

In addition to competitive base pay and benefits, MultiCare offers a “Gainsharing” Program for employees and an Incentive Compensation Plan (ICP) for managers. Gainsharing provides cash awards to non-management employees when MultiCare achieves its targets for financial performance, quality and customer service.

When this program was introduced, it was the only one of its kind in Washington State and one of very few across the United States.

Benefits Overview

MultiCare’s comprehensive benefits guide includes medical, dental and life insurance.

Employees who work at least 24 hours per week receive full benefits, including health insurance coverage for themselves with minimal payroll deductions. Employees who work 16 to 23 hours per week receive pro-rated benefits, including health insurance coverage that is substantially subsidized by MultiCare.

Additional benefits include paid time off, retirement plans, wellness benefits, career development and an on-site daycare center. Part-time employees can also earn 15 percent more by waiving health insurance benefits and paid time off.