Pejman Kharazi, MD

Pejman Kharazi, MD

2016 Roster - Kharazi

Hometown: I grew up in Los Angeles, California.

Medical School: St. Matthew's University

Philosophy of care: If one prevents a problem from occurring, then he does not have to look for a solution to resolve that problem. I strongly believe in taking necessary measures by educating my patients from early age on to better understand and grasp the importance of healthy life style which is combination of routine exercise, good hygiene, and quality nutrition.

Why did you choose EPFM Residency? After my interview with the faculty, staff and other residents, I did not see myself being a resident at any other program. People were very kind, friendly, and welcoming. The program is unopposed providing residents a wonderful opportunity to learn and explore

Medical interests: At this point, I am interested in urgent care setting that can allow uninsured patients to seek immediate health care at a reasonable cost as opposed to patients going to an emergency room and having to wait for hours before seeing a physician and end up with an expensive medical bill to pay.

Personal interests/Hobbies: I love outdoor activities such as jogging, hiking, skiing, and biking just to name a few. I also enjoy reading, listening to music, and watching good movies.

Fun fact about yourself: I have been told by some people that I write well. That has made me think about writing a book one day.