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Complete Your Registration Paperwork in Advance

Medical History Forms for Outpatient Visits

If you are coming to a Puget Sound-area MultiCare clinic for a visit, we may ask you to fill out a medical history form prior to your visit. It includes information about allergies, medications and previous conditions. Filling out this information ahead of time, help us keep our admitting process brief.

Medical History Form

Hospital or Day Surgery Visits

If you are coming to a Puget Sound-area MultiCare hospital or day surgery center for a scheduled surgery or other procedure, you may receive pre-registration documents in the mail that ask about information important to process the paperwork for your stay. It will include questions about your insurance, other billing information and emergency contact information. These forms are also available through each hospital's admitting office. You may also be able to get them from your MultiCare physician.

By completing and returning these forms before your scheduled admission, the actual admitting process can be kept as brief as possible. Please fill these documents out and return them to us in the prepaid envelope within two business days.

If we do not receive your completed pre-registration packet prior to your surgery, or there are remaining questions, a representative from our pre-registration department may call you.

If you have insurance or other coverage, please bring your insurance identification card, your Medicare card and/or a DSHS card (if appropriate) to your pre-admit appointment or on the day of surgery.

For services that require co-payments and deductibles, or for services that are not covered by your insurance, you will be asked to make payment three days before your surgery. You may be contacted by our financial counselor so any financial obligations can be taken care of before your surgery.