COVID-19 Vaccine Updates

As of April 15, 2021, everyone in Washington age 16 and over is eligible to get the COVID-19 vaccine. Please visit our vaccine page for information on how to schedule an appointment.


Pricing Transparency

A Guide to Hospital Care Pricing at MultiCare

Understanding the cost of your hospital health care can be a complex task. At MultiCare, we are committed to helping our patients have access to as much information is available to help them plan for the costs of their hospital care. 

MultiCare's pricing for hospital-based services and procedures is available online. Select one of our hospitals from the list below to view pricing for that facility. 

Many Factors Influence Health Care Costs

It's important to note that there are many factors that will go into how much you, the patient, may pay for any given service or procedure, such as:

  • Patient need: Each patient is unique and the services provided to them is based on their individual needs.  Therefore, medications, supplies, imaging services and other diagnostic testing can be different for patients planning to undergo the same medical procedure or service.
  • Insurance contracts: Your cost for services is primarily determined by your insurance company. The costs you see on this list may not be the price you will pay, as we've agreed to work with your insurance company to adjust those costs.
  • Insurance coverage: The type of insurance plan you have determines in large part how much of the cost of your care you are responsible for. For example, a patient with a standard PPO-type plan usually pays less out of their own pocket than a patient with a high-deductible plan. This information should be available from your insurance company.
  • Self-pay discounts: We typically offer discounts for our self-pay patients, that is, patients without health insurance.
  • Financial assistance eligibility:  Thanks to our generous financial assistance program, many patients — both with and without insurance — qualify for financial assistance to help defray some or all of the costs of their care.

In short, both the total cost of your care, as well as the amount you personally will owe, can vary widely.

Let Us Help You Understand Your Costs

Are you preparing for a treatment or procedure, and are wondering how much it is going to cost?

MultiCare contacts our scheduled hospital patients with cost estimates for their care, before they receive treatment. These estimates take into account: 

  • The specifics of the care the physician has determined the patient is expected to need
  • The patient's insurance coverage, if any*
  • What financial aid, if any, the patient is already receiving 

If you would like to be contacted to discuss pricing for a specific procedure, please provide your name and the best phone number for calling you directly using the form below.  We will call you to collect the additional information we need to provide you with pricing information. This will allow us to give you the most accurate information, while also protecting your privacy online. 

This form should be used to request pricing information for hospital-based care only. Thank you.

*Because insurance plans and insurance limitations are always in flux, we always recommend that patients discuss the details of their insurance coverage directly with their insurance company prior to committing to any treatment.