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Private Patient Rooms

80 Private Patient Rooms

The Good Samaritan Patient Care Tower includes the addition of 80 private patient rooms on floors five and six. Each patient room is approximately 300-350 square feet, include a private restroom, family area and the latest technology.

Smart RoomsPatient -Room
Patient rooms will be equipped with multi-functional flat screen monitors that can display, among other information, the name and title of all physicians, nursing staff and other caregivers as they enter the room. At the bedside, physicians and nurses can quickly and easily access important medical records. Patients can order their meals and on-demand movies or use the system for video teleconferencing with remote family members.

Patient Tracking
A patient tracking system will enable medical staff and family members to know the exact location of patients as they are moved throughout the hospital. While on campus, families and friends can relax in the garden or go to the cafeteria and carry a device that will alert them when their loved one is coming out of surgery or a procedure.Smart-Room

Medication Tracking
A bar coding system will match patients to their prescribed drugs and procedures ensuring greater accuracy and security.

Bed Tracking
Staff and housekeeping will have up-to-the-minute data indicating when a room is ready to be cleaned and overall bed availability. This system will reduce patient wait times.