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Pulmonary Care

Diagnosis and Therapy for a Range of Respiratory Conditions

Lung problems, ranging from asthma to lung cancer, can significantly limit your quality of life. The specialists at MultiCare offer comprehensive pulmonary services, including consultations, diagnoses, treatments and therapies.

Our team of pulmonary care specialists includes expert physicians, nurses and rehabilitation therapists who offer high-quality care. We draw on leading-edge technologies and services to treat your condition and ease recovery.

Our skilled physicians and staff can treat a variety of conditions, including:

Interventional Pulmonology

MultiCare is dedicated to leading-edge approaches to care. Interventional pulmonology, a newer field of medicine, allows doctors to diagnose and treat lung and breathing problems using advanced techniques that don’t require surgery. Interventional pulmonology allows physicians to:

  • Expand airways that are too narrow to allow air through
  • Find and treat tumors, bleeding, inflammation and other lung problems
  • Open blocked airways
  • Remove airway obstructions

Our interventional pulmonology care teams include experienced pulmonologists, radiologists and radiation oncologists, head and neck surgeons, and other providers who work together to treat you, all while minimizing the impact care has on your everyday life.

Respiratory Therapy

Recovering from or managing a lung condition requires long-term lifestyle changes. Our Pulmonary Rehabilitation Program through Pulse Heart Institute includes a team of registered nurses, respiratory therapists and exercise specialists. This compassionate team will collaborate with you and your doctor to create a custom-made program to strengthen your lungs and/or overcome pulmonary conditions.

Our program lasts 12 weeks on average and can help you:

  • Feel better exercising
  • Gain more independence
  • Go to the hospital less often
  • Manage symptoms

You’ll learn to build endurance, manage weight and develop your relaxation response through meditation and deep-breathing techniques.

Each exercise session is closely monitored by one of our medical professionals, ensuring you’ll stay safe while meeting your rehabilitation goals.

Contact Us for More Information

MultiCare pulmonary and critical care specialists can provide you with diagnostic and therapeutic options to manage your respiratory health. Find a pulmonologist or contact the MultiCare Pulmonary Specialists clinic near you to learn more.