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Brain Injury

Brain Injury Inpatient Rehabilitation

Injuries to the brain can result from head trauma. Head trauma can be caused by being hit or shaken, striking your head after a fall, or by being involved in a motor vehicle or sports-related accident. Brain injuries due to trauma are most often called “traumatic brain injuries”.

Injuries to the brain can also be caused by natural events. These events commonly include loss of oxygen due to a heart attack or illness, growth (such as a tumor), or the rupturing of a blood vessel in the brain. Brain injuries not due to outside trauma are called “non-traumatic brain injuries”.

Brain Injury Program

The Good Samaritan Regional Rehabilitation Center have been helping people with a variety of rehabilitation challenges since our first rehabilitation unit opened in 1954.

Good Samaritan developed a comprehensive approach to brain injury rehabilitation in June 1987. The combined efforts of staff from every rehabilitation department of Good Samaritan resulted in a multi-disciplinary program for cognitive (attention, memory, and thinking skills) rehabilitation. We were early pioneers in this highly specialized field.

Today, our physicians, nurses, and therapists are some of the most experienced in working with people with brain injuries in the Pacific Northwest.

In fact, we are well known for our work with people with brain injury, and have made our superior reputation in this field by providing consistent, top-quality rehabilitation services to people with brain injury of all ages (including young children, adolescents, adults, and older adults).

We pay special attention not only to your physical condition, but also to your ability to stay awake, pay attention, remember, communicate, and think. These skills are called cognitive processes and need particular expertise to evaluate and treat. If you or a family member has survived a brain injury, you need people working with you that know what to do to help. You need a team that works with people with this problem every day… not just once in a while.

The Good Samaritan Regional Rehabilitation Center offers inpatient brain injury rehabilitation services for people requiring a high level of medical, rehab nursing, and therapies. Our inpatient rehabilitation program includes three levels of care including subacute, acute, and complex rehabilitation. Each level of care is determined based on the amount of physician, rehab nursing, and therapy attention deemed appropriate given your specific brain injury rehabilitation needs.