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Important flu update

Flu cases are at an all-time high in our region. Please read our important message about where to seek care for the flu. Learn More

Occupational Therapy

Occupational Therapy and Rehabilitation

Occupational therapy may involve relearning a task or exploring new techniques and adaptations in order to overcome physical limitations. Examples of treatment techniques include teaching someone who has had a stroke how to safely get in and out of a bathtub or teaching someone with a back injury to lift correctly.

Occupational Therapy is offered at several locations:

  • MultiCare Covington Clinic
  • MultiCare Occupational Medicine
  • Good Samaritan Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Center
  • Lakewood Hand Therapy
  • MultiCare Orthopedics & Sports Medicine Center
  • MultiCare Rehabilitation Specialists & Hand Therapy

For more information, please call 253-697-7900.