Our Team

Meet the Members of Our Team

Jin Mou, MD, PhD, MSc, MPH, Senior Research Epidemiologst

Dr. Mou leads this project with responsibility for project design, evidence appraisal, development of online patient/provider interfaces and collection of patient-reported information. She also leads the development of a clinical effectiveness research (CER) study based on project results. Dr. Mou is in the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) PCORP Scholar program through University of Washington-Seattle.

Mebust_Kimberly CropKimberly Mebust, MD, Director of MultiCare Sleep Medicine Centers

Dr. Mebust oversees the sleep medicine component of project implementation, and build the relationship between MCSMC, MultiCare Pulse Heart Institute (PHI) and primary care provider (PCP) leaders. She engages sleep medicine physicians, provide oversight for patient education content, and deliver relevant presentations to stakeholders. She is board certified in neurology and sleep medicine.

Mikal Williams, Registered Sleep Technologist

Mikal Williams serves as Patient Lead, drawing upon his personal experience using Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) to treat OSA with concomitant hypertension. Mr. Williams is an active member of the Healthy Sleep Support Group (HSSG) with substantial experience engaging both health professionals and patients.

Ronald Vondran, Respiratory Therapist

Ronald Vondran serves as a Patient Advocate and Industry Representative. Mr. Vondran is a long time CPAP user who suffered cardiovascular problems that resolved upon diagnosis of severe OSA and initiation of CPAP. Employed by one of the largest CPAP distributors in the South Puget Sound Region, Mr. Vondran bridges the gap between patient and industry knowledge.

Kathleen FigetakisKathleen Figetakis, DPT, Patient Advocate Lead

Kathleen facilitates meetings and assist with meeting planning in collaboration with the lead researcher. She translates medical research terminology and goals into a patient centered framework of concepts and actionable items in order to maximize patient input in study planning, conduct and dissemination of results. She also participates in the study as a co-author and co-investigator. Diagnosed with obstructive sleep apnea several years ago, Kathleen is a healthcare IT professional, physical therapist, active Rotary community volunteer and member of a sleep apnea support group.  

Beverly Green, MD, MPH, Expert Consultant

Dr. Green, a family physician and research investigator at Kaiser Permanente Washington, is known for her pioneering work in evidence-based medicine. She is a national leader in guideline development and implementation and serves as a reviewer for the US Preventive Services Task Force. She provides unique expertise in-home blood pressure monitoring and brings current PCORI experience as Principal Investigator for the “BP-CHECK” study.