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Research Response to COVID-19

Potential Treatment and Prevention Trials for COVID-19

Currently, there are no specific treatments approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to treat people with COVID-19. While we’re still learning more about the pathology and impact of COVID-19, MIRI is actively involved with helping answer important questions and treating our patients diagnosed with the disease.

MultiCare physician researchers are fighting COVID19 one patient, one study at a time.

When the coronavirus appeared in our communities, MultiCare researchers stepped up to ensure patients and providers at our hospitals had access to experimental drug treatments aimed at fighting COVID19. Researchers also began designing new studies to gather necessary information to help inform on us how best to treat future patients. 

  • 13 Clinical trials (new experimental drug treatments) brought to MultiCare hospitals  
  • 10+ Investigator initiated studies designed by MultiCare researchers examining best practices to manage or treat patients with COVID19
  • 175 COVID19 patients participating in research, as of mid-July
  • 32 Physician and PhD researchers working on COVID19 research
  • 30 study coordinators, research nurses, and research assistants dedicated to bringing the most relevant treatments and study opportunities to patients in our communities.

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In January 2020, the novel Coronavirus known as COVID-19 was first identified in Washington State. At that time, little was known about the virus, including how to treat it, how it spreads and how it impacts various parts of the body. In March 2020, MultiCare Institute for Research & Innovation (MIRI) began to open new clinical trials to fight this disease in our Pacific Northwest communities. Since then, MIRI has not only offered more than a dozen clinical trials to patients throughout the region but it’s continuing to pursue new research opportunities from vaccines, antivirals, laboratory testing, and trials for managing symptoms related to COVID-19.