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Research Day

Thank you to everyone that attended Research Day 2019! Stay tuned for more information on Research Day 2020.

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2019 Winners

  • Best Work-in-Progress: Dr. Michael Raff, MD for Identifying Individuals with an Inherited Cancer Predisposition in Primary Care Clinics—the Cancer Moonshot Project Comes to MultiCare
  • Completed Project: Bethann Pflugeisen, MSc, MEd for Into the Weed: Prenatal Drug Screening Disparities and Marijuana Legalization
  • Best Community & Patient Partnerships: Becca Jacobsen, LICSW for Adolescent and Young Adult (AYA) Cancer Patient Research- Transitioning from Survivor to Researcher

(New category this year)

  • Best Quality Improvement: Seaneen Holmes, RN for Top 8 in the State! Communication, Collaboration, and Rapid Cycle improvement for Heart Attack Care

(New category this year)

  • Best Poster: Exploring Trends in Torticollis and Plagiocephaly in a Community Healthcare System by Brenna Brandsma, PT, DPT and Kendra Paker, PT, DPT

  • Outstanding Research Investigator of the Year: Dr. Stephan Ryan
  • Diane Cecchettini Excellence In Research Award: Dr. Jack Keech, Karyn Hart and the entire NW CCOP/NW NCORP Team

Past Winners

Best Work-In-Progress

  • 2018 Winner: Bethann Pfluegeisen, Data Wrangling: Understanding our Electronic Health Records Beyond a Single Patient Chart
  • 2017 Winner: Dr. Michael Raff, Use of Electronic Health Records to Facilitate Early Detection and Diagnosis of MPS Disorders: The Development of Diagnostic Algorithms and Clinical Decisions Support Tools for Undiagnosed Treatable Rare Disease.
  • 2016 Winner: Dr. Thomas Hurt, Forearm Fracture Reduction by Pediatric Emergency Physicians.

Best Completed Project

  • 2018 Winner: Jeanette J. Harris, 26,000 Flagged for +MRSA. Are They Still Positive? Are Three Screens Needed?
  • 2017 Winner: Dr. Rebecca Whitesell, Does Mentoring by Orthopedic Surgeons Improve Forearm Fracture Reduction Outcomes by Pediatric Emergency Physicians?
  • 2016 Winner: Dr. David Embrey, Electrical Stimulation Reduces Symptoms of Intermittent Claudication

Best Community Presentation

  • 2018 Winner: Beth Schubert, I am a Survivor

Outstanding Research Investigator Award

  • 2018 Winner: Dr. Nehal Masood
  • 2017 Winner: Dr. Gad Kletter
  • 2016 Winner: Dr. Jack Keech

Diane Cecchettini Excellence In Research Award

  • 2018 Winner: Mary Bridge Pediatric Oncology Research Team
  • 2017 Winner: Dr. John Huddlestone
  • 2016 Winner: Dr. Steven Phillips