Research Events

Research Day

Friday, December 7, 2018 
Jackson Hall Medical Center, 314 Martin Luther King Jr. Way, Tacoma 98405
Opening remarks courtesy of President and CEO Bill Robertson

2019 Date To Be Announced Soon!

Research Day celebrates research efforts conducted across our health system to benefit our community and beyond. This event highlights the diversity of our studies and the research investigators who are dedicated to advancing patient care options for all.

Past winners were chosen for special recognition in the following areas:

Best Work-In-Progress

  • 2018 Winner: Bethann Pfluegeisen, Data Wrangling: Understanding our Electronic Health Records Beyond a Single Patient Chart
    2017 Winner: Dr. Michael Raff, Use of Electronic Health Records to Facilitate Early Detection and Diagnosis of MPS Disorders: The Development of Diagnostic Algorithms and Clinical Decisions Support Tools for Undiagnosed Treatable Rare Disease.
  • 2016 Winner: Dr. Thomas Hurt, Forearm Fracture Reduction by Pediatric Emergency Physicians.

Best Completed Project

  • 2018 Winner: Jeanette J. Harris, 26,000 Flagged for +MRSA. Are They Still Positive? Are Three Screens Needed?
    2017 Winner: Dr. Rebecca Whitesell, Does Mentoring by Orthopedic Surgeons Improve Forearm Fracture Reduction Outcomes by Pediatric Emergency Physicians?
  • 2016 Winner: Dr. David Embrey, Electrical Stimulation Reduces Symptoms of Intermittent Claudication

Best Community Presentation

  • 2018 Winner: Beth Schubert, I am a Survivor

Outstanding Research Investigator Award

  • 2018 Winner: Dr. Nehal Masood
  • 2017 Winner: Dr. Gad Kletter
  • 2016 Winner: Dr. Jack Keech

Diane Cecchettini Excellence In Research Award

  • 2018 Winner: Mary Bridge Pediatric Oncology Research Team
  • 2017 Winner: Dr. John Huddlestone
  • 2016 Winner: Dr. Steven Phillips