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RN Residency FAQs

Nurse Residency Program: Everything You Wanted to Know

Q: What is the Nurse Residency and who attends?

A: At MultiCare Health System (MHS) hospitals, new graduate RNs, RNs with less than 6 months of acute care experience, and employees who are experienced RNs transferring to a new specialty are scheduled into the RN residency. 

Q: What do Nurse Residents learn?

A: All specialty areas are unique in their required educational and clinical skills. There are a broad range of topics; some are addressed in large groups and others are very specific to individual specialty units.

  • Educational Experiences: You will be in learning situations with nurse residents from all clinical settings.
    • Education will be provided in didactic classroom settings, group skills labs, and simulation settings.
  • Clinical Experiences: With specialty preceptors you will practice clinical hands-on skills specific to your clinical setting.

Q: I am an experienced RN changing specialties. Will I attend Residency classes with new graduates?

A: We recognize that some information may seem familiar to you based on experiences you have had in other jobs or in your nursing program. Our goal is to build upon what you already know by demonstrating and describing how clinical nursing is practiced within MHS.

Q: How long is the Residency?

A: The length of the Residency is fourteen weeks.

Q: When does the Residency start?

A: RN Residencies are typically held at MHS in the fall, winter, spring and summer. Actual start dates and open positions are available through your recruiter. The RN Residency generally begins with New Employee Orientation (NEO), which is held on a Monday. Transferring RNs do not need to attend this. Your recruiter is available to answer questions about pre-hire processes and timelines.

Q: What is the schedule?

A: Individual unit schedules may vary but please plan on working up to 40 hours per week while in the residency (64-80 hours in each 2-week period). There are 4, 8, and 12-hour day shifts.

  • You generally will not be scheduled to work any of the MHS-recognized holidays, such as Labor Day.
  • Pre-planned overtime is not permitted.
  • Unplanned overtime must be approved by the unit manager in advance. If you do work unplanned overtime, the hours will be paid.

Q: What if I have a doctor or dentist appointment?

A: Please make every attempt not to schedule routine, non-emergent appointments of any kind during the scheduled residency dates. It is difficult to provide absentees with missed didactic content and clinical experiences.

Q: Who will be my preceptors?

A: Preceptors will be determined by your assigned unit. You will get more information about this as soon as schedules have been completed. You may have more than one preceptor during your residency.