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Diabetes Education

Helping You Manage Your Diabetes

Whether you have been recently diagnosed with diabetes, or have had it for years, now may be the time to check out the MultiCare Rockwood Diabetes Education Center. For those new to diabetes, or who just need to start with comprehensive diabetes education, there are Diabetes Basics classes to help get you on the path to diabetes management. Classes are taught by a diabetes nurse educator and registered dietitian, with the goal of empowering you to manage this often complex disease.

Individual Education

Individual education consults are available when needed, particularly for assistance with insulin management, individual barriers or dealing with pattern management, or more personalized help with nutrition management. Some individuals may qualify for continuous glucose monitoring. This is a glucose monitor that is worn for three days and it measures blood sugars every three minutes. This can give you and your health care provider valuable information by offering a more complete view of blood sugar patterns.

Insulin Pumps

For those considering getting an insulin pump, our insulin pump expert can provide the assistance you need to make the most of this helpful tool. For those currently wearing an insulin pump, perhaps it is time to seek help with getting your diabetes under tighter control.

Medical Nutrition Therapy

Consultations with a Registered Dietitian (Medical Nutrition Therapy) are available for those with diabetes. Consultations are often also available for those who need help managing other nutrition-related concerns (such as high cholesterol, high blood pressure, pre-diabetes, food intolerances and many others).


Ask your health care provider whether a referral to diabetes education or nutrition services can be made. We encourage you to check out the details of your insurance plan regarding benefits for Diabetes Self-Management Training (classes or individual education) and/or Medical Nutrition Therapy, as they can vary depending on insurance.

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MultiCare Rockwood Diabetes Education Center

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