Vascular and Endovascular Center

Offering a Variety of Treatment Options for Vascular Conditions

Partnered with the MultiCare Rockwood Heart Center, the MultiCare Rockwood Vascular and Endovascular Center is home to a team of highly qualified and skilled vascular specialists. Our expertise in vascular procedures encompasses all treatment levels in interventional (minimally-invasive) procedures and traditional (open) procedures, enabling us to provide you with the most treatment options at the highest level of care.

Having a larger set of treatment options than other providers, our caring and compassionate team of vascular specialists also prides itself on sincere communication with both patient and family. This fosters a cooperative relationship with easy-to-understand language and helps patient, family and vascular specialist arrive at the best treatment option tailored to your unique needs.

Below are just some of the conditions, tests and treatments in which we specialize:

​Vascular and Endovascular Conditions




MultiCare Rockwood Heart and Vascular Center - Downtown
MultiCare Deaconess Health and Education Center
910 W 5th Ave, Suite 900
Spokane, WA 99204
Tel: 509-755-5500
Fax: 509-744-1741

MultiCare Rockwood Heart and Vascular Center - Valley
MultiCare Valley Hospital Medical Office Building
1414 N Houk Rd., Suite 104
Spokane Valley, WA 99216
Tel: 509-473-5537
Fax: 509-744-1741

Dialysis Fast Track: Failing AV Fistula

During business hours, please call 509-755-5500 and ask to speak with the vascular surgeon on call.

After hours, please call 509-838-2531 and ask to speak with the vascular surgeon on call.